about us

about us

welcome to games ground

As a flagship event for Berlin, Games Ground will be a valuable gaming festival, covering all facets of gaming culture and industry both in terms of content and interdisciplinary approaches.

Games Ground brings consumers and the industry together for a constructive exchange on an equal footing. In addition to important B2B content such as business insights, career opportunities, and education, the event focuses on the content and interests of the gaming community.

The diverse range of formats on offer demonstrates the diversity of the industry and makes Games Ground the platform for all gaming enthusiasts.


Games Ground wants to create a safe environment where everyone feels accepted and welcome, where there is no space for any form of discrimination, abuse or marginalisation on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, religion, background, skin colour, religious belief, sexuality, gender identity, socioeconomic class or disability.
In order to achieve that, it’s important that we all stay aware and mindful of our surroundings, both within our team and the public.

If you or someone around you is being mistreated or discriminated against during the event, please come talk to the Games Ground team. We are there for you.
Games Ground will not tolerate any case of discrimination and reserves the right to revoke and deny persons access to the festival.

Short version for the lazy bunch:
No discrimination of any sort: no racism, no nazis, no homophobia, no transphobia. Just NO.



six organizations joining forces, bringing together a variety of expertise.



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