mentor ground

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn, connect, and level up your game
development journey!

Join our special Mentor Ground sessions where you can interact, ask questions, and gain valuable insights on specific topics directly from experts and prominent players from all sides of the gaming industry.
(eg. At GG23 we had mentors from companies such as Team17, CD Projekt Red, Blizzard, Rovio, Guerilla, Flying Wild Hog, and many more)

Broad topics range from game art, narrative design, level design, game production, AI, agile & scrum, VR, legal, esports, community building, game career, and more.

how it works

  • Book your group session with a mentor of your choice

  • Limited to 6 mentees per mentor

  • One-hour focused sessions on specific topics

  • Receive valuable feedback in an open-table discussion format

  • Connect with fellow attendees who share your interests


  • Our Mentor List and the Mentor Ground Schedule for GG’24 will be uploaded here in
    the following months, so stay tuned for upcoming updates!

  • You will be able to book slots via Meet To Match (access given after ticket purchase) and the sessions will take place during the Business (B2B) days of Games Ground 2024



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